Fruit Jam

Jams are one of the ways to preserve fruit and their nutritional values for off-seasonal uses. There are different kinds of fruit preserves depending on the ingredients and the way they are prepared. Some of the common types of fruit preserve are jams, marmalade, and fruit jelly. CAICO Jams are made from real fruits hand picked ripe at the peak of their season, adding to the taste and nutritional riches of our jams. CAICO fruit jams are prepared with the best quality fruits. Then the jams are packed in sterilized air tight containers to seal in the aroma and taste of fresh fruit for your dining table.

Flavours Available

  • Pineapple Jam
    Pineapple Jam

    Open the jar and enjoy the taste of the tropics with Caico Pineapple Jam aroma. Our Pineapple Jam comes packed with the goodness of fresh pineapples, with the right blend of sweetness. Create delicious snacks for your kids in a jiffy with Caico Pineapple Jam.

    Ingredients:  Sugar, pineapple, pectin and citric acid.
  • Mixed Fruit Jam
    Mixed Fruit Jam

    Caico Mixed Fruit Jam is a delicious mix of high quality fruits. An explosion of flavours from the pulp of Banana, Papaya, Pineapple, Mango and Grape blended into one tasty jam. So the next time you want to make a quick and tasty snacks for your kids you know which bottle to keep handy.

    Ingredients: Sugar, pineapple mango, Grape,banana, citric acid, pectin.

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