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“The company started on March 25, 1947”
“A company that got independence before India got independence"
“Company during British rule and Indian government rule”
“Independence before Independence”
“Tasty Tradition since 1947”

  • 1947
  • 1965
  • 1968
  • 1975
  • 1978
  • 1983
  • 1987
  • 2023
  • In the early days, Thrissur was the land of pineapple estates which was a major source of income. Canned pineapple goods produced here were sent by train to Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi and the companies there canned them and sent them to foreign countries. When goods were sent from Thrissur by train, some pineapples used to perish due to the delay in reaching these places.
  • At that time, Sri O.T Vareed, owner of a vast pineapple estate suffered huge losses while shipping pineapples to North India. He had long term discussion with his close relative and estate manager, Mr M.I David about his apprehension on damage of pineapples via transit. Their plan was to start a Canning company in Thrissur which is similar to Bombay and Calcutta and as an initiative they extended their discussions with Madhu Canning in Bombay.
  • Mr. M.I. David and Mr. O.T Vareed discussed with civic leaders of that time their strategy about starting as a public sector company with a capital of Rs 5 lakh at Rs 5/- per share. Finally, company was registered as a Public Sector Undertaking on 25 March 1947. Sri. M.I. David’s discussion with people of all sectors irrespective of caste and religion found successful in acquiring shares. Many members took more shares than expected. It was made compulsory that every worker in the company to take at least one share, so each worker became the owner of the company.
  • The company was set up at Valarkav, Thrissur, and Madhu Canning in Bombay was sought for production assistance. Caico is the first canning company in Kerala and 12th company in India.
  • Canned Pineapple Spice, Tin juices, Tinned Potatoes, Beans, Green Peas and Jackfruit had received vast demands and shipments done in bulk with the leadership of Sri M.I David. Company got massive orders from Indian Army and thus Caico grew to become the number one brand in India. Pickles, jams, squash and saucers also received large exports, while mango pulp was a major export.
  • The company reached a stage where 500 workers were running in 3 shifts.
  • As company having good revenue and in profitable stage, In 1965, Sea Food Factory was started in Kochi.
  • Factory started in Mangalore in 1968. The production of these 3 companies is very much in demand both abroad and at home.
  • Caico tinned products and marine products were in great demand in all western countries. Sri. M.I.David himself was the company's all-in-one to canvass the order. Caico represented India in many foreign conferences on behalf of Indian Food Council and Indian Food Processing Association
  • Caico was the first to market bottled mango juice (RTS) in India in 1975. Brand name is Caicomang.
  • During 1978 Company received Foreign Exchange worth 1.5 crores.
  • Awarded Gold Medal by Government of India
  • Awards from State Government
  • Award from Export Promotion Council
  • Caico was the first to launch sambar powder, rasam powder and curry powder in India in 1978 and exported them to Gulf countries.
  • In 1983 Caico Company donated Rs.5 lakhs to Amala Cancer Research Hospital
  • In 1987, Caico Company sponsored 2 Lakhs and constructed Caico ward in Mar Timathios Charitable Hospital.
  • Today, CAICO has successfully survived for 76 years and continues to expand its product range with the changing demands of the market. The company's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has helped it build a strong reputation both locally and internationally
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