Caico Pickles

Caico Pickles are great accompaniments to any meal, enhancing its taste, quality and richness. Caico Pickles are made from high-quality mango, lime and garlic blended with traditional spices and oil to create that perfect and unique flavor. Our pickles are packed in airtight jars sealed completely to protect against light, moisture and oxygen to preserve the taste and quality.

Flavours Available

  • Garlic Pickle
    Garlic Pickle

    CAICO Garlic Pickles are created using high quality ingredients to enhance the taste and deliciousness of the pickle. We blend high quality spices with garlic to create exquisite taste that create a mouth watering experience every time you open a bottle of pickle. CAICO Garlic Pickle is one of the best garlic pickles from Kerala.

  • Cut Mango Pickle
    Cut Mango Pickle

    Enjoy the delicious blend of traditional Kerala spices and mango with CAICO Cut Mango Pickle. Our mango pickle is made from the best quality mangoes available in kerala. We ensure the quality of our pickles are at par with international standards while producing flavorful and rich tasting mango pickles.

  • Lime Pickle (in oil)
    best quality lime pickle

    CAICO manufactures one of the best quality lime pickle available in Kerala. The limes pickled to perfection in oil brings to the forefront its taste and tartness. It takes a lot of expert experience and the right blend of spices to create a mesmerising and tasty pickle that is consistent in every jar. Our lime pickles are just the right ingredient to add the tangy taste to your meal.

  • Tender Mango Pickle
    tender mango pickle

    CAICO’s Tender Mango Pickle packs the traditional taste of Kerala style tender mango pickle in a jar just for you. Our tasty traditional tender mango pickle can spice up your meal any way you want. Pickle making process is a time consuming process, but the CAICO Tender Mango Pickle gives you the opportunity to enjoy your pickle without going through the time consuming process of making it.


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